Btennis Pro | The Vision

Our Mission
We strive to create a tennis community built on teamwork, determination, development, sportsmanship, and the drive to win.

The Btennis Pro personalized tennis coaching program guarantees a fully prepared athlete.

Brian Simunyola, founder of Btennis Pro, believes in a holistic approach to athletic development. This is achieved through basic trainings, full day trainings, analysis sessions, one on one sessions, conditioning, mental strength, and more.

Whether you are competing in tournaments, recalibrating your skill level, or becoming a new member of the tennis community - our goal is to help you reach your maximum potential.

When you leave our training sessions, you will have grown technically, tactically, physically and mentally.

BTennis is where you - get it done!

Our location
Btennis Pro, and the programs of Brian Simunyola, is located in New Rochelle, NY.

Just 20 minutes north of Manhattan, we have access to indoor and outdoor tennis courts at some of the finest complex and fitness centers in the area.

Our program focuses on specialized conditioning training through physical preparation, tailored sports therapy techniques, full training regiments and health-level monitoring.

We've created a prime tennis training program, one with optimal conditions for our players.

About The Founder

Brian started playing tennis in Zambia at five years old, and has been passionate about the game ever since.

Brian developed a love for tennis early on.  His father, Teza, played tennis socially in college. Teza would take all of his children to the tennis courts and teach them to play.

Brian started at to compete at 11 years old.  His first coach was Mike Mambwe. Brian was then coached by Jerry Fears and Friday Kasulumbe through his teenage years. At 17, Brian and his friend Teddy Chambisha began to coach one another based on their own experience. 

Teddy went on to become an ITF coach, and Brian received a scholarship to study in the US to play for Southwestern Illinois College, NCAA Division III.

While Brian did receive some outside coaching growing up, most of his training came from his 11 brothers and sisters: Kai, Chazya, Kela, Niza, Teza, Violet, Margaret, Happie, Towela, Mohabi and Elena. His family provided material, mental, physical and spiritual support.

While in college, Brian spent his summers teaching tennis in New York.  He taught at the Bronxville Field Club, Lake Isle Country Club and College Racquet Club. After leaving college in 1999, Brian began teaching and coaching at College Racquet Club where he remains to this day.

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Head Pro, CRC
  • Founder, CEO BTennis
  • USPTR Certified Pro
  • USPTA Certified Pro
  • USPTR Certified Director of Tennis
  • Pat Etcheberry Certified Strength Conditioning & Movement In Tennis
  • Adult and junior league coach
  • Train junior and adult USTA and ITF sanctioned tournaments
  • ITF experience
  • International travel coach
  • Students recruited to University of Rochester, Bowden, Wellesley, KEO University Japan
  • NCAA Division III Gold Medalist, Midwest Region
  • 21 years of teaching experience (3 years international, 18 years USA)
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We would love to hear from you

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